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By | April 17, 2019

What Goes On In Laser Hair Removal Treatment

We all have needed to dispose of body hair for different reasons. However, most of these attempts continually leave us with bumps, burns and even nicks. It is only human to wish for a hair removal technique that does none of this. If so, laser hair removal is a procedure worth considering. It is an approved procedure that helps us get rid of all the hair that we do not want on our bodies. Typically, since it was presented, it has turned out to be a standout amongst the most ordinarily used techniques. Most people wonder how exactly this awesome procedure works. In laser hair removal, laser beams are focused on the hair you want to be removed; the beams damage the hair follicles and make any future hair growth impossible. The effects of the treatment are long term, but not permanent, it takes a few tries to make it permanent.

With all this medical jargon being thrown about, one might be worried about whether this procedure is safe or not. It is quite safe because the hair being removed is the only part that the laser is focused on and not the skin around it. There are some areas on the body where using laser removal is risky like the eyelids as the beams could damage the eye. To ensure that no accidents take place during the procedure, this procedure should only be performed by qualified personnel. If the person taking care of you isn’t certified, don’t let them anyplace close to your skin. Some things must be done before this procedure is carried out on your body. During this meeting, the doctor will check your medical history. This is so that they are aware if any medication you are on will react negatively with the laser beams. Here, you will be told all of the advantages and the risks of undertaking this procedure so that you have the opportunity to decide if you still want to undergo it. The specialist will then give you rules to enable you to get ready like getting protection from the sun and different techniques for hair removal.

During the procedure, the hair in the area is trimmed so that removal becomes easier. The type of hair and your skin color is noted, and the equipment is adjusted to that. The area to be operated on is then sterilized and dried. The amount of time that the removal takes depends on the size of the area that has unwanted hair. After the procedure, there might be some discomfort or swelling on the area and you are given creams to counter attack it. These after-effects only last a few hours, and after that, you are free to go. The hair that was treated falls off after some time leaving the area smooth. The cost of this procedure varies widely. It depends on factors like the size of the area, and the number of treatments required.

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