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93 Percent Breathing Polluted Air

Breathing clean air is a right that should be enjoyed by every person on Earth, but as industry, agriculture and other sources of air pollution have proliferated, clean air has become increasingly scarce. The problem has grown to monumental levels, such that the World Health Organization (WHO), in their latest report on air pollution and… Read More »

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Now US regulators vow to ban menthol cigarettes

Now US regulators vow to ban menthol cigarettes – hours after revealing plans to curb sales of flavored e-cigarettes – in a bid to stop young people smoking Menthol cigarettes are known for being harder to quit, likely because the flavor soothes the throat while injecting a hit of addictive nicotine The FDA announced plans… Read More »

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How to Stay Healthy on Long Road Trips  

Long road trips give you a sense of freedom and enable you to see all the marvels made by Mother Nature and human beings. Trips are fun and entertaining and give you a chance to escape the boring, repetitive schedule. However, you need to stay healthy when on long road trips and safe as well.… Read More »

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