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130,000 left Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Census Bureau says

“It’s a really large number — and it’s a number that’s well above what we’ve seen in the past,” Alexis Santos, a demographer at Penn State University, said of the population decrease. “Here, what you’re looking at is double — double the displacement we would have expected” in a normal year. The population of the… Read More »

The best way to lose weight after pregnancy

Being able to get pregnant and produce a baby is what many women around the world dream of, and when the baby finally arrives, they’re thrilled to be starting a new chapter in their life with their own little creation. Pregnancy can be a big challenge for many soon-to-be mothers, but another challenge remains, losing… Read More »

3 Tips To Build Your Body After The Age of 40

While working out, it is important to include exercises specifically for various parts of your body. Only when you are able to put a strain on all the muscles in your body, you will be able to get the physique which you want. That is why you have to also include exercises which will involve… Read More »