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Iovance Biotherapeutics adds to cell therapy manufacturing boom

In a transcontinental move, a California biotech working on a cell therapy for solid tumors, will build its first manufacturing site in Philadelphia. San Carlos, California-based Iovance Biotherapeutics says it will invest about $ 75 million over the next several years to build a 136,000 square foot facility in Philadelphia that can scale up for… Read More »

SFU researchers link T cell recognition diversity to HIV control

By Diane Mar-Nicolle The immune system is the body’s best defense in fighting diseases like HIV and cancer.  Now, an international team of researchers is harnessing the immune system to provide new clues that may help efforts to produce an HIV vaccine. SFU professor Mark Brockman and co-authors from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South… Read More »

Improved stem cell approach could aid fight against Parkinson’s

Scientists have taken a key step towards improving an emerging class of treatments for Parkinson’s disease. The advance could markedly improve a next generation of therapies for the condition, which affects around one in 350 people in the UK. It could aid development of the promising treatment-; known as cell replacement therapy -; which was… Read More »