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The 12 Most Dangerous Bugs to Watch Out for This Summer and How to Protect Yourself

Brown Recluse Spider Sari ONeal/shutterstock Adult brown recluse spiders range from tan to dark brown, and they have six eyes in three groups of two. These spiders could bite and inject venom that requires a trip to the emergency room. The venom might cause dead tissue and may require plastic surgery, in some cases, Campbell… Read More »

Exclusive: Camilla Luddington Responds to Jo's Most Traumatic 'Grey's Anatomy' Episode Yet

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy season 15, episode 19, “Silent All These Years”] When we first met Dr. Jo Wilson (played by Camilla Luddington) on Grey’s Anatomy six seasons ago, her history was filled with all kinds of question marks. She knew that she was left at a fire station shortly after… Read More »